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Our Steps


Initial Inspection

Your Impact Pest Service starts with a licensed technician providing a full inspection of your property and home.


Custom Treatment Plan

Your technician will make a tailored treatment plan including coverage for the interior and exterior of your home.


Regular Maintenance

After the initial service, we must continually keep an active barrier outside your home to keep pests from re-entering.

Impact Pest Services Who we aRe

Impact Pest Services believes in going beyond the calling in everything that we do in order to consistently surpass our customers' expectations. We are tenaciously persistent about providing the highest quality of services to protect the environment and the well-being of the public we serve. We believe customer satisfaction through superior service is paramount to our success as a company.

The inside and outside of your home are always under warranty. Impact's Service Protection Plan guarantees your satisfaction between regular scheduled maintenance visits with unlimited free re-services.

15year of excellence
Over5000Happy clients

Our Core Values

Client Satisfaction

We guarantees your satisfaction between regular scheduled maintenance visits with unlimited free re-services.


We pride ourselves in using the most effective and environmentally-conscious pest control solutions.


All our technicians are extensivley trained in the latest advanced technologise that focus on attacking pests while breaking the lifecycle to help control future invaders.

Our Clients Testimonials

I had my first service with impact the other day I was shocked to find out after the technician was done he introduced himself as the owner. You will not get that with any other company around here.

I have been very pleased with this company. I had been battling ants and spiders in and around my house for months! Now my home is ant and spider free, thankfully!!! They're customer service is excellent and I appreciate that I have the same tech coming to my house each time. I feel comfortable relying on him to close the back gate when he's done too so my fur babies don't get out (which was a problem,with my last pest control company!!). I would recommend Impact to anyone!

I love Impact, they are friendly and sincere with their services and go beyond, to help meet your needs, plus the treatments they use is totally organic.

Sam F.
Jen J.
Stacie N.

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